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Galina EmmeRich

"You won't be lost if you pay attention to your surroundings"
Abstract Background

Embarked on a journey from Bulgaria to the United States in 2005, I've been crafting stories through writing, sketching, and daydreaming since the tender age of 12. With over 14 years in the film industry, I've absorbed insights from both emerging talents and renowned filmmakers, mastering a blend of tricks and treats.


Photography, especially the candid moments unseen by others, holds a special place in my heart. Rooted in a passion for helping others and birthing new creations, I've been sketching since my youth. Growing up in poverty, my artistic haven was the back of leftover wallpaper, transforming humble materials into vibrant, dreamlike illustrations.


This is a deeply personal journey, one I've hesitated to share openly for a long time. 

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