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The love of two young people drawn together by fate- one who is a bringer of life, one who is a guide to the afterlife- threaten the very fabric of life itself.

The beautiful heroine of Indana, Lena, always knew she was different- with her visions, premonitions, and nightly dream visits from the same handsome stranger, she certainly was not a normal college student. A young émigré to America from Bulgaria, Lena’s life is thrown into turmoil when her only friend dies tragically at the hands of the very same man she’s dreamed of since a child. With a face of an angel and hands as cold as death itself, Lena finds herself falling for Kyle, this taker of souls. Lena’s quest to learn the truth about herself, her name and her true nature will lead her ever deeper into peril, and even into the world between life and death- a world where few venture, and fewer still return.

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